Sentences for crimes are divided into the following and only list the possible incarceration periods:

 Indiana sentencing statutes

Murder: 45-65 Years Incarceration

A Felony: 20-50 Years Incarceration

B Felony : 6-20  Years Incarceration

C Felony : 2-8   Years Incarceration

D Felony : 6 months to 3 years Incarceration

A Misdemeanor : up to 365 day Incarceration

B Misdemeanor :  up to 180 day Incarceration

C Misdemeanor : Up to   60 day incarceration.

In addition, certain sentences can be suspended, and others are not.  Each sentence can also have fines and costs added to the sentence.

In most cases defendants can expect to receive one day credit for each day served in a case.  In jails across Indiana there is no agreement what “a day” means for credit time.  In Marion County, any hour of a day spent in jail counts as a full day.  In other counties, 4 hours have to be served to consider the period “a day.” and in some counties, credit time is calculated by the hour. If you reach a plea in one of those counties that calls for day in jail, you might be in for a surprise if you think the credit time is the same as in the department of corrections.

Once in the department of corrections, there are opportunity for cuts in time, and good time credit can reduce the sentence by as much as 50% (or slightly more).  In the case of certain sexual and violent crimes, the credit time law was changed to give one day of good credit for seven days served.