Defense cases involving child molesting or abuse, or allegations of sexual crimes whether they are allegations of Rape, Child Molesting, Sexual Misconduct with a Minor, Failure to Register as a Sex Offender, are very difficult to face.

Often, the mere allegation causes you to lose a job, as people assume you are guilty.

Very often, these cases can be settled short of a trial. If the proper lawyer is contacted early enough, the case may be dismissed even before filing. If charges are filed against you, it may stay permanently on your criminal history no matter if you were later found not guilty, or the case was dismissed.

The allegations of a child, filtered through an adult who has an agenda can very well result in criminal charges, an extremely high bond, loss of a job, and, if you are a resident alien, possible deportation.

My office has gained “not guilty” verdicts for sexual crimes like child molestation in counties not limited to Hamilton, Marion, and Vigo. In addition, through hard work and adequate preparation, my office has obtained pleas to lesser non-sexual charges.

Frequently, allegations of child molestation are made as a result of anger, revenge, jealousy, or as leverage in a child custody case. It is awful but true. With the right criminal defense attorney, your chances improve of staying with your family and avoiding becoming a registered sex offender.

But let me be clear. The outcome of these cases can affect the quality of the rest of your life more than any other case. 

By law, if you are convicted of a number of sexual or violent crimes you will have to register both your home and your employment for a period from ten years to life. This registration can make it difficult to find a job, and the residency requirements regarding where convicted sex offenders can live make avoiding a conviction crucial.

In addition, some parole and probation officers will often find a technical violation in order to send you back to prison. This reduces their case load.

To understand how a charge of child molestation would apply to your situation, call my office or contact me through forms to set up a free evaluation of your case.