Luther T. Garcia has represented over 800 clients and tried over 100 jury trials in state and federal jurisdictions across Indiana, earning a reputation for trial expertise and excellence in the area of criminal defense law.

About the Firm

Criminal defense attorney Mr. Garcia has exclusively practiced criminal law for over 20 years in Indiana state and federal courts. He has represented over 800 clients and tried over 125 jury trials in jurisdictions across Indiana.  He successfully tried the vast majority of his cases. He began his criminal law career as a Contract Public Defender in the Major Felony Criminal Courts of Marion County and was recently voted to the Indiana Public Defender Council Board of Directors. As a private criminal lawyer, he has tried a variety of cases: murder, rape, robbery, burglary, child molesting, drug dealing, drug possession, driving while intoxicated resulting in death, driving while intoxicated, habitual traffic offender, marijuana possession, probation violation, and other cases.

Client Benefits

Trial Experience

Named a “Top 100” criminal trial lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Association, Mr. Garcia practices criminal defense law exclusively in Indiana State and Federal courts. He has won a vast majority of cases in over 125 jury trials. He is widely recognized for his skills as an Indiana criminal lawyer in complex litigation and with a special emphasis on the cross-examination of expert and professional witnesses. His ability to reduce complex issues for juries to understand is a recognized skill in the legal community, leading some to hire him as co-counsel. For clients, the goal is to avoid a trial if at all possible, and win the trial. The possibility of reversing a conviction after trial is extremely small. Read more about the law firm here.

Extensive Legal Training

As a Life Member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Mr. Garcia is consistently learning new techniques and technologies from across the country, all for the benefit of his clients. He is a graduate of the National Criminal Defense College, widely recognized as one of the best training programs for criminal lawyers in the country. He also received training at the Indiana Trial Practice Institute, a state-level trial practice program for criminal attorneys in Indiana. With a criminal code that is changing and growing more complex, this training is an essential benefit for clients. To learn more about client benefits, see the law firm FAQ page.

Statewide Reputation

As a statewide authority on criminal law, private defense attorney and respected educator, Mr. Garcia teaches criminal defense trial skills at legal education seminars in Indianapolis and across the State of Indiana. In recognition of his career as a private Indiana criminal lawyer he was elected by attorneys across the state to the board of the Indiana Public Defender Council. He is frequently requested to lecture on trial forensics and expert cross-examination to practicing attorneys and law students throughout the state of Indiana. More qualifications can be found on the law firm overview.


“During trial Mr. Garcia really shined.  His performance and professional abilities were astonishing. He displayed a true command of the courtroom, prosecutors, judge and ultimately the jurors” – Lia V.

“I saw you carry my burden on your shoulders. I saw you share my fears.  I saw you fight for me like I was one of your own.  I saw you protect me. Luther, my family and I owe you a great debt.”  – Michael C.

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